La Cologne de Rosine

Some garden roses, and especially ancient species, such as the mossy roses or some centifolia roses, develop really fresh scents, with citrus and even soapy notes.

These notions of freshness and cleanliness are redolent of the classic Eaux de Cologne, which scents do follow precise rules. A good Eau de Cologne is necessarily fresh, evokes a sense of refined grooming and accompanies the person wearing it with a discreet elegance.

Les Parfums de Rosine gives us a personal interpretation of the Eau de Cologne. This great classic of the « à la Française » perfumery is re invented by Nicolas Bonneville and reveals ajoyful and invigorating presence, yet soft and reassuring.

This is a perfume of well being.

To dress this new creation, Louis Rogeon has been playing with the Eau de Cologne classic codes of perfumery of great tradition: black and white, with polka dots.

Citrus - Bergamot - Tangerine

Rose Essence - Freesia - Green notes of the violet.

White musk - Cedar wood - Amber

Size:100 ml
Price:110 €