Cuir Mandarine – Jour pour Homme

Patchouly forever and always… vibrating to the contact of black pepper, mandarin and leather, sensual from blond Virginian tobacco, light like a champagne bubble heady from a fine lavender bouquet.

Blended with fine lavender for the leading music. Leather, mandarin, black pepper and blond Virginian tobacco provide the chorus note. Five patchoulis from different regions of India as background music.

Timeless, classical and yet modern, the personal melody of David Jourquin’s perfumes do not try to please everyone but wish to become essential to some. His personal signature is authentic and magnetizing. Each fragrance is a secret wakening like a promise, as precious as a confidence, the quintessence of pure essences, elegant, sophisticated, and powerfully emotional.

The Flacon
A chiseled jewel, sealed with wood from the walnut tree, sheathed in finely sewn Spanish leather, with a window that reveals the rare, golden hewed liquid.


Leather - Tangerine - Black Pepper - Virginia Tobacco


Size:100 ml
Price:208 €
Cuir Mandarine - Jour pour Homme